Always available Partners

Product photography

When choosing your studio ensure you have the future and customer care at the core of your decision.

At Studio488 we have been supplying clothing photography and product photography services since 2006, we pride ourselves in having in-depth knowledge of the retail sector and as such use our skills to help you sell more product.

Our dedicated team of eight staff are here every day and are on tap to get your products shot speedily and with zero hassle.

We don’t shoot weddings or kids parties.

Our entire 6500sq feet studio is dedicated to shooting apparel and product, that’s it nothing else.

Once onboard with us you simply send in your goods when you want, not need to book or ask about availability, we are always available

Consistency is key because our team is full time they recognise and understand all our client’s products this allows us to ensure consistency in the post-production and photography, we ensure a totally hassle-free way to get your products online, it really could not be any simpler.

So if you want a partner business who are ALWAYS available and have been for fifteen years with a two million published proven track record then your at the right place.

For more information or free advice call the studio on 01204 708028