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It’s all in the detail

details shots shouldn’t be crops. A lot of clothing photographers produce detail shots by simply cropping into the images, these normally end up looking flat and boring. Here at studio488, we produce details sort with a difference, shallow depth of fields and specialists macro lenses… Read More »It’s all in the detail

Product photography

Always available Partners

When choosing your studio ensure you have the future and customer care at the core of your decision. At Studio488 we have been supplying clothing photography and product photography services since 2006, we pride ourselves in having in-depth knowledge of the retail sector and as… Read More »Always available Partners

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Avoid Returns

UK fashion retailers face 360 million pounds worth of Christmas 2020 clothing and footwear returns, according to new research. For 2020 as a whole, a year which saw soaring e-commerce sales as companies faced prolonged store closures, apparel retailers face 4.3 billion pounds worth of… Read More »Avoid Returns