Avoid Returns

clothing photography avoid returns

UK fashion retailers face 360 million pounds worth of Christmas 2020 clothing and footwear returns, according to new research. For 2020 as a whole, a year which saw soaring e-commerce sales as companies faced prolonged store closures, apparel retailers face 4.3 billion pounds worth of returns. The proportion of online clothing and footwear sales rose to 36 percent in 2020, up from 22 percent in 2019, leading to a step-change in operational challenges.

That’s according to research from Retail Economics in partnership with Penningtons Manches Cooper reveals.

How we at Studio488 approach returns and help avoid them.

Returns are part of retail if imagery shows the garment in its true form returns have been proven to be reduced, colour is always a problem and will never be rectified fully due to the nature of peoples viewing devices, but a few techniques can help to minimise this.

Studio488 minimises the risk of returns by ensuring the garments are true to fit, we avoid all clipping and pining as this often leads to a garment that does not represent the real thing. Post-production can do a lot of the work for ensuring the shape is correct, but in reality if the garment needs 50 clips to make it look right, its not going to look right on a person. (unless you supply the clips!)

Colour is another issue for clothing photography, unlike most studio and photographers we have decided to do away with colour balanced systems, have them but have decided based on logic not what it says in the book, to use out of the box default colour profiles for all monitors, our thinking is this is what the end-user is seeing so that’s our benchmark, and 2 million images later with no issues it seem to work. We also check colours with mobile devices as these have fixed colour profiles that have little user control so usually are vert consistent.

In a nutshell, all your clothing photography needs to represent the item as true as possible, that said it can still look fantastic and meet these goals. For more information or free advice call the studio on 01204 708028