If you need a brick wall building ?

Would you hire a plumber?

Is your photographer a wedding photographer doing a bit of fashion on the side? do they shoot kids parties or may not be available next week because they are shooting some houses for an estate agent, all these questions need to be asked before selecting your partners to shoot and maintain a consistent working relationship, don’t get me wrong they may do a fantastic job, but can they do it consistently week in week out and not miss a single deadline?

Studio488 understand retail we know you cannot sell your goods until they are on the website, that’s where a dedicated team of EIGHT clothing and product photographers working from a dedicated 6500sq feet studio come in.

We are always here, and ready to shoot your items, once you’re onboard with us you simply send what you want when you want, no need to book slots or check availability, treat us as an extension of your existing team, it really is that simple.

So if you want an always-available partner who shoots nothing but clothing and product then your in the right place, COntact us on 01204 708028 to start the process today.


Ensure your clothing photography is supported by a fully managed service, we are not simply a studio our service a partnership, think of us as a department within your business, call studio488 on 01204 708028 or email info@studio488.co.uk where we will be happy to help.

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