Importance of great clothing photography images

clothing and product photography


with retail suffering its darkest days on record more and more people have shopped online than ever before, now we all know online as a retail channel can be very viable for some and not so for others, it’s not as simple as it sounds, website updates, stock procedures, returns, fraud, the list goes on, one thing remains consent though and that is your imagery needs to stand out

At studio488 we specialise in Clothing Photography and Product Photography. Our unique approach and full understanding of the retail environment many businesses operate in online give us the edge, we are here to help you sell more stock, it is that simple, we are not our for awards or fancy glass trophies for our work, we are here to ensure you convert as many visitors to customers as possible, by producing the best images that represent your products


We are not just a photographic studio, we are a team that partners with our client’s long term, we answer the phone EVERY time it rings, we reply to emails as they come in, we are here 5 days a week every week ensuring you get the best possible service and when you need it.

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