More than a studio


Managed end to end image creation partner.

So you hire a studio, clothing photographer, stylist, clothing photography assistant and your shoot all goes to plan, your images then need to go to a post-production company, again all goes swimmingly, then catastrophe strikes and you realise you haven’t got a few images, the photographer doesn’t keep copies, post-production have only done what they had been sent, basically you need to shoot the items again and the costs are going to be huge as your going to have to rehire everyone for what is a couple of hours work. There is an alternative.

A fully managed end to end solution is needed, here at studio488 we employ the photography, post-production team and management teams, we own the studio so our costs are kept to a minimum in the event a problem arises, the images from the shoot are kept on a separate server to the images we post-produce, images are kept for months to ensure there are no delivery issues.

How about you are in a rush for something on an invisible mannequin, simply send us your stock and we take care of the rest, no need to book, or call/email us and make sure we can fit you in, or check we are even open, WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN, once you are on board with us you can just send us stock at any time, no minimums, again treat us like your own photography department.


Ensure your clothing photography is supported by a fully managed service, we are not simply a studio our service a partnership, think of us as a department within your business, call studio488 on 01204 708028 or email where we will be happy to help.

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