NEW Training Centre

clothing photography using invisible mannequin

2021 will bring a new and exciting service offered by studio4488 one of the UK’s most successful clothing and product photography studios.

Ecommerce continues to grow and with it so do the job opportunities. One thing that is required is studio photography professionals, eCommerce photography sometimes does not suit the dedicated photographer, it can be a lot less creative and more conveyor belt, that’s how it is we don’t sugar coats stuff here.

So with that in mind, employers are looking for the wrong people, they advertise for photographers and whilst this is important, experience in the actual role is far more important.

Studio488 has been serving the eCommerce community for 15 years and in that time have published more than TWO MILLION images, we have 9 full-time staff and are one of the largest most successful studios in the UK, training by us means you will have the skill sets employers are looking at, the course will be 6-12 weeks long and will feature hands-on studio work, no classroom stuff, no bits of worthless paper, just pure experience.

We are currently looking at the options and the service is due to launch in June 2021, please email to express your interest int his course.