Post Production for Clothing Photography

invisible mannequin post production


How important is the post production for clothing photography and mannequin photography? 


Post-production is essential in the workflow, without it you would rely on trying to get the clothing on a mannequin perfectly each and every time, and as most window dressers can tell you, its a long process, and results vary. Here at the studio, we use the latest Photoshop to ensure the images are correct, both in terms of shape and colour. We simply could not do our jobs without it.

So do you need to be a Photoshop guru? well yes and no, as with any job you need to fully understand and be able to use the tools needed for the task, so you don’t need to understand the entire Photoshop software, but you do need to be very proficient in the selection of tools you do use.

we get asked all the time how do we get the invisible mannequin look, is it a special mannequin or invisible paint (yes we did get asked that one) sure there are specialist mannequins, we have many, but each has different tasks and regardless of the mannequin EVERY image goes through a rigours post-production workflow. below is a quick example, notice how the zip is straighter, the neck was added in post-production as was the rear of the jacket.

invisible mannequin before
invisible mannequin after post


So chucking a garment on a mannequin and taking a picture is not going to end well unless you have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the garment, and some things are not possible such as showing the inside of a jacket. So Photoshop is the go-to tool for image manipulation, it allows a huge range of options to do things that are far too time-consuming in real-time.

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