Pricing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are items prepared before shooting is there a charge?
A: All items are carefully unpacked then steamed using professional grade steamers, this is built into the price.

Q: Do you offer a price guarantee?
A: We offer a price beating policy, if you have a quote or are getting your product or clothing photography cheaper than our listed price we will beat it, as long as we are dealing with a studio that is like for like.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Once your images are ready we will send them to you, shortly after an invoice will be generated, our payment method is by BACS, payment terms are specific to each client.

Q: Is there a licence fee or time limit for images?
A: We offer a simple licence, you are free to use the images within your business forever.

Q: What format are images created in?
A: You can specify image formats as you wish, if none are specified then standard JPG is used.

Q: Do you charge for renaming or resizing?
A: We do not charge for resizing and/or renaming to your instructions.

Q: How do I receive my images?
A: Your images are sent via wetransfer, this is a simple process where you follow a link to the images.

Q: Is the post production done in house or sent to a third party?
A: All our post production and photography is done in house by our full time staff, visit the about us page we are all real.

Q: When are you open, do I need to book a slot for my items?
A: We are open Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm Once onboard with us you NEVER need to book a slot, simply send the items you want shooting and we do the rest.

Q: What if the images are not correct?
A: in the very rare circumstances where images are not expected, we will correct any issues you have.

Q: Do you shoot Weddings?
A: Absolutely not, we specialise in clothing photography and product photography and have done for 14 years, we don’t cake smashes, studio hire, birthday parties etc. We are great at what we do, because it is all we do.

Q: Can we visit the studio to drop off goods?
A: Yes, fancy a brew feel free, the entire team is always here, no part time or contractors here.

Q: What are the mannequin sizes?
A: Mannequins are Medium for men, size 8 to small 10 for ladies, we have multiple sizes for children asa well as a size 16 ladies.

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Drop-in for a brew, we are a real commercial studio open to visitors Monday to Friday 9.00am -5.00pm

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